Shining Clothing is one of the top leading customized children’s wear manufacturing company that provides high quality products, rapidly turnaround time with flexible order threshold that suits your various demands.

Since 2000, we have been providing services of children’s clothing manufacturer all over the world.

We provide services for custom apparel manufacturers, wholesale apparel manufacturers, apparel brands, ethical apparel brand and women’s apparel wholesale manufacturers and many more…

Safe and orderly production

To make sure the company practices applicable epidemic prevention methods. The use of anti-epidemic materials, including masks, KN90 or KN95 masks, protective clothing (mainly sanitation, disinfection), protective glasses, 75% alcohol (absorbent cotton) /84 disinfectant, disinfectant hand washing liquid, rubber gloves, soap, thermometer, infrared thermometer, oximeter, sprayer, emergency traffic vehicle, emergency medicine etc.

Moral manufacturing practice

We believe in fair wages and treatment for workers in the industry and ensure that we abide by our beliefs.

We provide job safety measures for employees and workers, so that they can work at ease.

We reverently abide by all applicable laws and manufacturing regulations, ethics and morality, beliefs and religions as well as environmental practices.

The best environmental practices

We abide by morality and make laws.

We ensure compliance with local manufacturing laws and protective measures.

We follow a no compulsion approach in the workplace.

The best quality products

We follow the strict quality inspection and provide our customers with the best products.

We conduct the quality inspection at every stage of manufacturing.

The products are made by green manufacturing technologies.

We support small and mass production.

Simplify the process

Each project has appointed to a well-trained professional account manager to ensure there is no delays and deliver all products on time.

We use copyright protection to ensure that your design is well-protected.

    We have standardized packaging available to you. However, if your brand has any OEM or ODM packaging instructions, we can always assist you.
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