1. Production preparation stage

The production preparation stage includes the preparation of raw materials and production technology.

The preparation of raw materials includes the selection of raw materials, the review and inspection of incoming materials, and the pre-shrinking and finishing of materials.

The technical preparation for production refers to all kinds of technical preparation before the product is put into production, such as style design, structural design, plate making, plate pushing, process design, etc. To make the production process more scientific and reasonable, product quality is guaranteed, so as to achieve the best economic benefits.

  1. Production stage

The production stage refers to the production process of completing the basic products of Zhengye, including the process of layout, cutting, sewing, ironing, etc. It is an important part of garment production, is from raw materials to the actual finished product of the specific operation process.

  1. Finishing stage

Finishing stage includes ironing, finishing, inspection, packaging and storage of finished products, which is the final step to eliminate defects and ensure the quality of clothing.

The strict control of each stage of the production process can effectively ensure the quality of production.

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