1. Skirts: ceremonial clothing and wedding dresses worn by professional women in celebrations and ceremonies on professional occasions. Skirts and dresses show elegant, dignified and capable professional women’s style. The dress matched with the short skirt suit embodies the implicit solemnity.
  2. Evening dress: It is a kind of ceremonial clothing worn in formal evening parties, ceremonies and ceremonies produced in Western social activities. The skirt is slender, the instep is back, the fabric pursues elegance and drape, and the color is black. Evening dresses have different styles. Western-style long skirts are topless and open back, showing feminine charm. Chinese evening dress cheongsam is noble and elegant, creating a unique oriental charm, as well as a fashionable new style combining Chinese and Western. Dresses that match the evening dresses are suitable for choosing elegant, luxurious, exaggerated shapes and highlighting feminine characteristics.
  3. Small dress: refers to the formal dress worn at evening or day cocktail parties, formal parties, ceremonies and ceremonies. The length of the skirt is 5cm above and below the knee, suitable for young women. The dress that matches with the small dress is suitable for choosing a simple and smooth style, emphasizing to echo the style of the dress.
  4. Senior Formal Wear
    Ordinary styles, wedding dresses, open-necked, three-quarter-sleeved gowns are formally worn. The length of the skirt varies from knee-length to long skirt. The longer the more formal. Silk or silk-like materials can be embroidered, lace, etc., while fabrics that are too shiny should be avoided. Pearl jewelry is better. Handbags should be small and exquisite. Neither shoes nor bags need to be too gorgeous. They are mainly made of satin, velvet and velvet.
  5. Grade semi-dress
    The style is between the formal afternoon gown and the formal evening gown. The length of this skirt varies from knee-length to long skirt. Accessories, small bags, and shoes should be shiny to highlight the gorgeousness.
  6. Grade semi-dress,The style is mainly two-piece, with unique style dresses and jackets, and the skirt can reach the knee. There are applications from silk fabrics to woven fabrics. The color is preferably soft.