(1) The basic performance of raw and auxiliary materials, first of all, to find out the name of raw and auxiliary materials, product number, specification, design and color, color, color number, and physical and chemical properties, such as colorfastness, shrinkage, heat resistance and so on.

(2) The size series and name of the product the size series and name of the product should be contracted or designed with the buyer

The requirements of the assignment or production notice and physical samples are consistent.

(3) The specification and size of the product should be specified; Product parts shape and specification requirements; What we provide is the measurement method of the net body size of the human body, or the size of the finished garment, and the size of each part of the product.

(4) The means of product processing and manufacturing, such as the use of special machinery and equipment, the use of technical means.

(5) The process combination method of the product, such as the installation of parts, the sewing requirements of each part and the combination sequence of all parts, etc.

(6) The standards adopted by the products are national standards, industrial standards, or the standards of their enterprises.

(7) Quantity and Collocation: whether the quantity of each box, specifications, and color collocation of each file are consistent with the total number requirements.

(8) What kind of trademark, tag, size mark, ingredient mark, washing instructions, and other marks are used for trademarks and other marks, and the specific location of the code box. The contents of all kinds of marks are consistent with the requirements.

(9) Ironing methods and requirements ironing tools and ironing methods and requirements of various parts.

(10) Packaging requirements, packaging methods, and materials used in packaging; Folding method; The specification and quantity of the package, the wheat head and mark of the package, etc.

(11) Other special requirements usually refer to the requirements and quality evaluation indexes beyond the scope of normal standards.

  1. Technical standard of clothing products

China’s clothing quality standards are divided into three levels: national standards, ministerial standards, and enterprise standards

  1. Standard name
  2. Scope of application
  3. The specification series includes
  4. Material regulations
  5. Technical requirements
  6. Grading regulations
  7. Inspection rules
  8. Regulations on packaging, marking, transportation, and storage

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