1. Process refers to the whole production process of each processing, also refers to the processing sequence of each section.

The process can be subdivided into each manual process; It can also be divided into related combinations to keep the operation stable

The integrity of the system. For the convenience of unified management and operation, it is often indicated by unified symbols

Instructions for use of production process symbols

Instructions for use of symbols instructions for use of symbols:

▽ indicates the material entering the process

It refers to special processes and special equipment, such as wrapping seam, nail, lock, etc,

It refers to the sewing process and general equipment, such as sewing machine,

It refers to the inspection and acceptance of products. It refers to auxiliary processes and equipment, such as ironing and manual operation in sewing,

Δ indicates that the production process is completed.

Man hour refers to the time consumed to complete a process, generally in minutes. Man hour is used to calculate whether the process is smooth or not. It can also provide a reference for formulating labor remuneration and cost accounting.

  1. Factors that determine the decomposition of the production process

(1) Because of the complexity of clothing itself, there are more complicated styles than simple decomposition processes.

(2) Large scale enterprises can adapt to changes, while small enterprises are easy to be limited.

(3) The equipment supply inside the enterprise should be following the actual use of the equipment.

(4) The technical level of workers should refer to the technical ability of workers and the proportion of group technicians when decomposing the process.

(5) Production task is suitable for large batch production, long delivery time, and the low unit price

Decompose the working procedure carefully to reduce the cost. On the contrary, small-scale process decomposition is suitable for tasks with small batch sizes and tight delivery times.

(6) The balance of the production line should consider the time consumed, the selection of workers.

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