1. Function and classification of packaging

(1) The function of packaging: packaging has two main functions, one is the distribution function, that is, to a certain extent, it can ensure the producer deliver the product to the buyer in the minimum and shortest time, and does not affect the product quality; The second is a marketing function, that is to stimulate consumers’ desire to buy and promote sales through external modeling design.

  1. Type of package:

(1) According to the use, it can be divided into sales packaging, industrial packaging, and special packaging.

Sales packaging is the packaging for sales, which plays the role of protecting goods. Its package is small and large in quantity. It pays attention to decoration and printing. Most of the packages are printed with trademarks, instructions, and manufacturers. Therefore, it has the function of beautifying goods, publicizing products, and guiding consumption.

Industrial packaging is to pack a large number of packages in large volume with materials with good protective performance, which is firm and convenient for transportation.

Special packaging is used for protective packaging.

(2) According to the level of packaging, it can be divided into inner packaging and outer packaging.

Inner packaging refers to small packaging, mostly 5 or 10 pieces, half a dozen or a dozen to form a whole. In order to protect the goods, easy to reassemble, easy to calculate when selling goods.

Outer packaging, also known as transport packaging and large packaging, refers to the sales packaging or inner packaging of goods with a layer of packaging, which is convenient for loading, unloading, transportation, storage, and storage, improves the stacking capacity of products and speeds up the handover and inspection.

  1. Packaging containers and materials

(1) Packaging containers: the basic forms of clothing packaging containers are bags, cartons, cartons, cartons, crates, mesh, and packages. Paper packaging is one of the oldest and most widely used packaging forms. It has the basic functions of anti-pollution, protecting the contents, small storage space, convenient transportation and circulation, and low cost, but poor self-support. There are two kinds of cartons: folding boxes and fixed boxes. The common type of carton is the corrugated box. The most common carton style is regularly slotted or special slotted in the middle.

(2) Packaging materials: clothing basic packaging-related materials are paper, plastic film, etc. Packaging paper includes kraft paper, wrinkle paper, parchment, cardboard, high-density polyethylene synthetic paper, etc.

Among them, kraft paper is the most widely used;

Parchment has good grease resistance, high wet strength, and no fiber on the surface, but it can’t isolate gas well;

There are two kinds of paperboard: paperboard and corrugated core paper, which are used to produce corrugated cardboard boxes;

High-density polyethylene synthetic paper is a new type of packaging material, which has good whiteness and excellent strength. When the temperature changes, it doesn’t shrink, stretch, fluff, rust, and can prevent mold.

The plastic film has a clear, transparent, and fresh feeling, which is widely used in the inner packaging of clothing.

The above is the packaging description of the finished products produced by the garment.

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