The National Health Commission announced on June 25 that the new crown vaccine has been inoculated more than 1.1 billion times in China, and the construction of the “Great Wall of immunity” is accelerating.

In view of the fact that some provinces are unable to query the information of cross-provincial new crown vaccination, the National Health Commission recently said that it is collecting the data of national new crown vaccination, and plans to release the relevant data query service interface to facilitate remote vaccination.

Experts from China Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggest that the determination of injection times is based on scientific data, and the whole course of vaccination must be completed, not give up halfway, otherwise the best protection effect will not be achieved.

The global epidemic situation is still grim, and efforts need to be made to build the “Great Wall of immunization”.

Vaccination schedule:

March 27: 100 million doses

April 21: 200 million doses

May 7: 300 million doses

May 16: 400 million doses

May 23: 500 million doses

May 28: 600 million doses

June 2: 700 million doses

June 8: 800 million doses

June 14: 900 million doses

June 19: 1 billion doses

June 24: 1.1 billion doses

June 28: 1.2 billion doses