Tirupur city in the southern state of Tamil Nadu in India is an important base of garment production in India. Affected by the epidemic, the garment industry in India suffered heavy losses.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is a new garment that the international garment companies need to launch monthly. The clothing factories need to closely match the order requirements. After the second new crowns and pneumonia in India, the India garment factory has not been able to meet customers’ requirements for more than two months, which may eventually lead to the loss of international customers for a long time, said the chairman of the garment export association of India.

According to Indian media reports, affected by the epidemic, some multinational clothing retailers have moved 15-20% of their orders to other countries. During the second novel coronavirus pneumonia, the garment industry in the city lost at least 100 billion rupees or about 8 billion 700 million yuan. India’s clothing industry provides about 12 million jobs. Industry insiders in India said the blockade had a huge impact on the manufacturing industry.

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