Mercerized cotton is one of the best cotton fabrics. The fabric is made of cotton as raw material, high-quality mercerized yarn by worsted spinning, and then by special processing procedures such as singeing and mercerizing, high-quality mercerized yarn with a bright finish, softness, and wrinkle resistance is made. The high-quality knitted fabric made of this kind of raw material not only retains the excellent natural characteristics of raw cotton but also has a silk-like luster and a soft handle.

  1. Background:

Cotton fiber products have long been loved by people because of their good moisture absorption, soft hand feeling, and comfortable touch when contacting with the human body. Unprocessed cotton fiber products are easy to shrink and wrinkle, and the dyeing effect is poor, so a large number of cotton fiber products need to be mercerized.

  1. Composition:

After mercerizing, the physical changes of cotton fiber morphology characteristics have taken place, the longitudinal natural bending disappears, the cross-section of the fiber expands, the diameter increases, the cross-section is nearly circular, and the regular reflection of light increases, which makes the surface of cotton fiber products appear silky luster; In addition, due to the close arrangement of molecules, the strength is higher than that of matte yarn, which improves the strength of the cotton fiber and the adsorption capacity of dyes. However, the change of the cross-section and longitudinal morphological characteristics of cotton fiber is related to the degree of mercerization (mercerization). At the same time, due to the change of the morphological characteristics, the morphological characteristics should be paid attention to in fiber identification.

  1. Main types:

According to different mercerizing objects, mercerized cotton can generally be divided into yarn mercerization, fabric mercerization, and double mercerization.

Double mercerization refers to the fabric made of mercerized cotton yarn.

Yarn mercerization: it refers to a special kind of cotton yarn that has both the original characteristics of cotton and the general luster of silk after concentrated caustic soda treatment under tension

Fabric mercerization: refers to the cotton fabric in tension, after the treatment of concentrated caustic soda, so that the fabric gloss is better, more crisp, better shape retention.

According to the two mercerizing processes, mercerized cotton can refer to both the cotton yarn treated by mercerizing process and the cotton fabric treated by the mercerizing process.

Mercerized Cotton
Mercerized Cotton
  1. Basic features:

Mercerized cotton fabric is the best in cotton, lighter than ordinary cotton fabric, has good moisture absorption and air permeability. Mercerized cotton fabric with cotton as raw material, worsted into high-quality yarn, and then after singeing, mercerizing, and other special processing procedures, made into bright, soft, and wrinkle-resistant high-quality mercerized yarn. The high-quality knitted fabric made of this kind of material not only retains the excellent natural characteristics of raw cotton but also has a silk-like luster. The fabric has a soft handle, moisture absorption, and air permeability, good elasticity, and draping; The fabric is fresh, comfortable, soft, hygroscopic, breathable, with no deformation, and excellent gloss. Rich colors, comfortable and casual to wear, fully reflects the temperament and taste of the wearer; This kind of mercerized cotton knitted fabric is mostly used for high-grade T-shirt Manufacturer, polo-shirt, etc.

  1. Advantages of mercerized cotton fabric:
    • The fabric is bright in color and will not change color after washing for a long time;
    • The fabric has the luster of silk fabric;
    • The fabric is stable in size and has a good drape;
    • Not easy to pilling
    • The disadvantages of mercerized cotton are as follows:
    • Lack of elasticity and not neat, easy to wrinkle.
    • Colorfastness is not high and is easy to fade.
    • Poor shape retention of clothes, easy to shrink, and lose shape after washing (shrinkage rate is about 4% – 12%).
    • Especially afraid of acid, such as vinegar. If you accidentally get it on your clothes, you should wash it in time.

Mercerized cotton is widely used in high-grade T-shirt Manufacturer with good quality.

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