1、 Function of the material management system

(1) Reduce production time, good material management system, fast and accurate transmission, can reduce the loss of non-production time.

(2) Reasonable use of production space, good material management system can reduce the pure inch space and improve the scientific transmission technology, which is conducive to the work of workers.

(3) Improving productivity can not only reduce the loss of time and storage space but also arrange the saved time and space for production and improve the production capacity of enterprises.

(4) Reduce production costs, improve production capacity, reduce production costs.

(5) Good material management system can deal with materials properly and reduce the contamination, damage, and loss of work in the process.

  1. Equipment and application of material management system

(1) Basic loading equipment: rope, plastic bag, cloth bag, plastic basket.

(2) Fixed storage rack.

(3) Storage, transport dual-purpose car bucket.

(4) Push the transport vehicle manually.

(5) A transport tool that uses gravity to move.

(6) Hoisting and conveying equipment.

(7) Belt conveyor.

  1. Principles of organizing material management system

(1) To closely meet the needs of the manufacturer system.

(2) Keep adaptability and stability.

(3) Set up the system to be clear about the design focus.

(4) Modern equipment and scientific management are the fundamental development direction of modern enterprises.

The above is the material management system of the sewing workshop, which is suitable for the manufacturer management of most clothing maufacturer.

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