Wool is a general term for fabrics made of all kinds of wool and cashmere. It is usually suitable for making formal and high-grade clothes such as dresses, suits, and coats.

Introduction To Worsted And Woolen fabrics
  1. Advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages: wrinkle-resistant and wear-resistant, soft feel, elegant and crisp, elastic, and strong warmth retention.

Disadvantages: it is difficult to wash and is not suitable for making summer clothes.

  1. Raw material classification:

(1) Worsted wool: it is woven with high count combed wool yarn. The wool quality is good, the fabric surface is flat and smooth, and the texture is fine and clear. The luster is soft and natural, and the color is pure. Feel soft and elastic. Pinch the Tweed with your hand and loosen it. The crease is not obvious and can be quickly restored to its original state. Most yarns are double strands.

The main varieties are gabardine, serge, tribute, Valentine, Paris, breeches, women’s clothes, camel silk cotton, Vienna, what flavor, Zhigong, dress, tweed, single warp, and single weft ultra-thin, high count serge, etc.

The main features are a clean surface, clear texture, smooth and waxy feel, elasticity, bright and moist color, and soft luster. Men’s fabrics are tight and firm, while women’s fabrics are soft and waxy.

The general gram weight range is 100 ~ 380g / m2, the width of domestic sales is 144cm, and the width of export sales is 149cm.

(2) Woolen fabric

Generally, products with less than 20 yarns are called woolen fabrics. Woolen cloth is characterized by a plump surface and compact and thick texture. There is fine fluff on the surface, and the texture is generally not exposed. Feel warm, plump, and elastic. The yarn is mostly coarse single yarn.

Textured fabric: the surface texture is clear, and the non-shrinking or light shrinking process is adopted (loose structure women’s tweed, herringbone tweed, Hailisi, coarse tweed, jacquard, etc.).

Tweed Fabric: the surface does not expose shading, and the finishing process of shrinking or light fuzzing after shrinking is adopted (Melden, Navy tweed, uniform tweed, flannel, women’s tweed, flat coat tweed, etc.).

Suede fabric: the surface is covered with long fluff and the finishing process of fuzzing is adopted (overcoat tweed, camel silk brocade, velvet, embossed overcoat tweed, silver gun overcoat tweed, etc.)

Woolen wool is suitable for coats and overcoats in spring and autumn and winter. It can show its characteristics of bright color, strong pattern expression, and decorative beauty in women’s fashion.