Mesh cotton is actually a kind of cotton. The main difference between it and cotton is that it is made of different weaving methods. Cotton is a textile made of longitude and weft yarn, which is interwoven with longitudinal and horizontal ups and downs. Mesh cotton is made of cotton thread, but it is knitted by the way of staggered configuration of coil and ring suspension arc to form a mesh structure. Such knitwear is easy to absorb sweat and not easy to deform, Therefore, it is often used as the production of T-shirt Manufacturer and sportswear. There are many large brands of polo shirts made of mesh cotton

Mesh cotton surface is like a honeycomb, more air permeability, dry and more washable than ordinary knitted fabric. Because of its special weave, it is easy to identify, so it is also called “Spinach”. It has excellent air permeability and moisture permeability, soft hand feeling, even in hot summer it has soft touch and comfortable enjoyment.

Knowledge Of Mesh Cotton
Knowledge Of Mesh Cotton
Knowledge Of Mesh Cotton

Therefore, mesh cotton has many unique advantages:

  1. The yarn strength increases, and it is not easy to break;
  2. The glossiness increases, and the brightness of the filament is general;
  3. The dyeing performance is improved, the color is bright and it is not easy to fade;
  4. The breaking depth of yarn decreases with the increase of tension, that is, it is not easy to stretch and change.

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