High-quality pure linen and ordinary pure linen can be easily distinguished by the following methods:

High Quality Pure Linen

(1) Light transmission check to see whether the thickness of the warp and weft lines is uniform. If the warp and weft lines are too uniform, it may be cotton fabric.

(2) Tighten the cloth grain and check the compactness of the weaving.

(3) High-quality primary color linen is brown, shiny, and absorbs water evenly. Flax is of poor quality. It is treated into soft fiber linen. It absorbs water unevenly and will turn black when wet.

(4) For worsted linen, the less Plush on the surface, the better.

(5) The vertical and horizontal tightness of semi linen is different.

(6) Pull a threaded end. If there is bending at both ends, the thread is cotton. The ends of the torn flax thread should be smooth, otherwise, it is impure.

(7) If caustic soda water is applied to the canvas, flax will appear brownish-yellow and cotton cloth will appear light yellow.

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