We’d like to introduce the channels to find garment processing plants in China, hoping to help some practitioners in the garment industry who have just started or brands who want to improve procurement efficiency.

We introduce it from two dimensions: the first is where you can find a garment processing factory; The second is how to find a reliable processing plant.

  1. Find a Clothing Manufacturer factory

(1) Offline channel

Recommended by friends

Introduction by acquaintances and friends is the fastest and most reliable way in the early stage. After all, the factories recommended by them have cooperated, so they are familiar with it. Any problems can be solved in time. But the disadvantage is that this channel source is too single. Sometimes the factory’s production capacity is not enough, so it can’t produce and complete the order in time.

Clothing stall

For example, the wholesale markets of Hangzhou Sijiqing garment city and Guangzhou ShiSanHang can find stalls. Many of these stalls can receive clothing customization. The shipment time in Hangzhou is very fast, about 2-3 days. If you supplement the order, it will take 1-2 days. This method needs to make preparations in the early stage to find and communicate after locking specific merchants.

Clothing Industry Exhibition

There are many exhibitions in the garment industry every year, such as the most famous Canton Fair. In the exhibition, you can find a lot of factories of various types. However, the disadvantage is that the exhibition is not available anytime and anywhere, and the timeliness is too poor;

(2) Online channel

B2B website

There are many B2B websites in China, such as Alibaba. There are many garment manufacturers on the website. You can choose suppliers on the website or search for the clothes you want to process. Many factories will appear on the list. At this time, you can send messages to chat one by one. The advantage of the Alibaba website is that there are many factories, but it takes a lot of energy to search, screen, and communicate.

Professional Post Bar and other forums

You can post in these post bars and forums related to clothing to explain your production needs, and then wait for the factory to reply before further communication. This method is inefficient, and there are few reliable factory responses.

The factory’s own website

For example, Shining Clothing, a professional clothing and children’s clothing customization factory , Having more than 20 years of production experience. Its advantages are direct production, high communication efficiency, and relatively low cost of garment production.

  1. How to select high-quality Clothing Manufacturer factories?

The so-called good factory means that can meet your needs. Therefore, we must first understand the factory production needs and then go to the factory with our purpose.

(1) Cooperation mode of garment processing factory

Labor and materials contracting

Contracting labor and materials means that you only need to provide styles, and the processing factory will help you find fabrics, make boards and produce. You only need to be responsible for inspection and tracking the production process. This model generally needs to pay a deposit of 30% – 40% to the factory to buy raw materials, and pay off the balance at the time of delivery.

Cleaning and processing

Clear processing means that you find the style and fabric by yourself and provide the model to the factory. The processing factory is only responsible for producing the ready-made clothes in batches. This cooperation model is suitable for experienced purchasers. The advantage is that it can save money, but the disadvantage is more trouble.

  1. How to cooperate with factories

We should pay attention to two points: first, it is recommended not to lower the price easily. After all, every penny is worth every penny. Sometimes, in order to accept your order, the factory agrees to a lower than normal quotation, which is likely to lead to quality assurance and price increase when picking up the goods in the later stage; Second, it’s best not to throw a picture to the factory and let the factory quote you. This is very unreliable, because the manufacturer can easily quote when he doesn’t understand the product positioning and fabric composition, and some subsequent quality and price problems may be very serious.

  1. Price negotiation skills of Clothing Manufacturer factory

(1) generally, the factory will give a quotation first, and then ask you if it is acceptable. Some factories will first ask you what your psychological price is. At this time, you can not answer first, or give a lower price;

(2) be sure to compare prices. Find more factories for price comparison, so that you will have a spectrum of the whole production cost. Don’t take the price too low. The average quotation of several factories is probably a more reasonable price. If it is lower, it may be sloppy manually;

(3) there is no unified standard for garment processing quotation, which is generally determined by the process, fabric, and processing difficulty. After all, the factory should weigh the employee Commission and the factory cost. If the quantity is large, the bargaining space is large. If the quantity is small, the labor price will naturally be high.

  1. Summarize a good way to find a garment processing factory:

Some factories reply in time and have a sincere attitude, so they can rest assured of cooperation. Some factory personnel are indifferent, willing, and not enthusiastic, and reply in time. This should be avoided.

(1) Find friends in the circle to introduce good Clothing Manufacturer factories;

(2) Some factories with large scale and high quality participated in the exhibition. If the order volume is large, you can find cooperation;

(3) Go to the Post Bar Forum clothing community platform to find a clothing processing factory.

(4) You can go to the wholesale markets such as Guangzhou ShiSanHang and Hangzhou Sijiqing garment city to find stalls. Many of these stalls are front stores and back factories, which can receive garment customization;

(5) Directly find the factory website and cooperate directly with the factory.

There are many ways to find a garment processing factory. The most efficient and effective way is to try more and find a method suitable for yourself.

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