Garment Manufacturer in China

(1) Do you offer discount for mass production?

Yes, we can offer a discount in the case for mass production orders. The final decision is base on the project and our team.

(2) Do you support environmentally friendly manufacturing?

Yes. We follow green manufacturing practices and use sustainable fabrics and raw materials from our material suppliers.

(3) Do you follow a specific manufacturing standard or certification?

We follow the industry standards of manufacturing. You can contact our team for more information about certifications.

(4) What is your price list?

Our price is not fixed. We need to know the design details, specifications (at least material name/base cloth) and total quantity (regardless of size) you want us to produce for you; Therefore, we will calculate the production price base on each order. In a sense, we are custom-made children’s clothing manufacturers, only producing “custom” clothing.

(5) I’m looking for wholesalers to buy spot for my fashion / clothing boutique. Can I see your collection?

We are not fashion wholesalers and we do not offer any seasonal series or stock. We are a “production by order” of the own-brand clothing manufacturers, according to the customer provided by the design and quantity instructions for production. We custom made goods base on the amount that order placed by our customer, we deliver to our customers. In addition, our company’s policy does not allow the sale of one customer’s style to other customers.

(6) Can I visit your factory?

We are always happy to arrange a meeting with you! Since our key personnel may not be available, so we do not offer open house for visitors without an appointment.

In essence, we would like you to share with support technical packages or sketches, brief information of your requirements, or sample images containing quantity details so that we can start the quotation process for you. Once we understand your requirements (whether appropriate or not) and you understand our cost-effectiveness, we can arrange a meeting to ensure that our key personnel can reach you and we can hold productive meetings in our factory.

(7) What’s your minimum / minimum order?

We accept up to 25 pieces of each design in each colour (including mixed size), unless you want to customize the base cloth of any type, such as custom printing, embroidery, etc. At least it will vary according to the style details or customization you want to make to the base cloth. For example, if you want us to develop our own custom prints for your collection, this minimum quantity (probably 100 pieces) is different from the case where you want to use monochrome fabrics.

So it’s best if you get a confirmation after sharing your request with us.

So it’s best if you get confirmation after sharing your request with us.

(8) What kind of clothes do you produce?

We mainly produce all kinds of children’s woven and knitted garments. We are very professional in embroidery, fabric printing, courtyard dyes, natural dyes, sequins and beaded works, hand weaving, jeans washing effect and so on!

Under the category of children’s wear we usually produce:

Baby T-shirt, baby pants, baby shirt, baby jumpsuit, baby dress, baby suit, baby pyjamas, baby knitwear, baby shorts, baby long sleeve T-shirt, children’s T-shirt, children’s pants, children’s jeans, girl’s dress, children’s polo shirt, children’s shirt, girl’s skirt, girl’s blouse, girl’s embroidered blouse, children’s shorts, school uniform Children’s long sleeve T-shirt, children’s Tweed Wool Coat, boys’ T-shirt, boys’ printed T-shirt, boys’ solid colour T-shirt, boys’ embroidered T-shirt, boys’ round neck T-shirt, boys’ V-neck T-shirt, boys’ graphic T-shirt, boys’ vest, boys’ Polo T-shirt, boys’ Rugby Polo T-shirt, boys’ double sleeve T-shirt, boys’ Henry T-shirt, boys’ sweater, boys’ jacket, boys’ zipper, boys’ Hoodie Boys’ sweatshirt, boys’ shorts, boys’ boxer shorts, boys’ pants, boys’ pyjamas, boys’ pyjamas, boys’ pyjamas, boys’ pyjamas, boys’ sportswear, boys’ school uniforms, and so on.

Please note that we do not use raw leather, fur or artificial fur, feathers, accessories, underwear, animal clothing, shoes and/or any footwear items to manufacture any clothing.

(9) What is the cost of this kind of clothing?

As a “customized” factory, our product price is not fixed. Instead, we calculate the price of each garment based on style details and total quantity. Therefore, it is too early to give you any random price without knowing your design, specifications and total quantity.

(10) Do you have any type of fabric / trim?

We are located in China’s fast-growing city, we can easily obtain a variety of fabrics and input materials. We are in direct contact with fabric mills/knitwear as well as large suppliers of a wide range of fabrics, trims and input materials, which enables us to provide you with a customized range.

In essence, we never have our own inventories. We purchase according to customers’ requirements; Whether it’s woven or knitted. If the required fabrics are not available, we will knit or machine them in the factory by our employees. We can provide customer with customized fabrics that they need based on their requirements, including: Markin, canvas, cambric, doughnuts, drill, twill, poplin, packing cloth, flannel, rayon, jacquard, dobby, chambray, PK, cord fabric, cotton cord, Georgette, crepe, moss crepe, corduroy Voil, cotton, rayon, denim (woven and knitted), tissue paper, silk, organza, yarn-dyed, pad dyed fabrics, bosky, duck, cotton rib, Shanton, Poly Satin, ultra satin, viscose satin, knitwear, chiffon, round hole, lace / Sequin, linen, polyester, seersucker, taffeta, tulle, velvet, etc.

(11) Can you provide custom printed fabrics?

We are able to provide a variety of textile printing, such as hand-printing, pyrrhotine printing, engraving copperplate printing, roller, roller or machine printing, template printing. Screen printing, textile digital printing, etc.

All the printed patterns/designs we would need a PDF format. We will show you the sample/strike first, and once you agree, we will do batch processing.

(12) Can you provide x color fabric?

Yes! Everything you need to define a colour code. We prefer Pantone. If you can share the correct Pantone colour code, the work will be a lot easier so that we can follow the same code for your orders.

However, please note that due to the small amount of order pieces, few colours can cause dyeing problems. Therefore, for a small amount, it is always impossible to get the right result after dyeing while we try to do the exampling.  

When you share your requirement profiles with our representatives, please check with us for details.

If your quantity is very small – about 50 pieces or less per style, we recommend that you choose ready-made colours from your current fabric stock. Please contact us for more information.

We can always send you another colour reference option, such as phone colour cards or similar colours. This will be a cheaper option, but you will have to compromise limited colour/shadow variants.

Another option is that you send fabric samples of the desired colour. We will check the availability of fabrics of the same colour with our suppliers. If we find out, we can send it to you and continue the process. If not, we can offer you similar options for the same fabric and nearby colours.

(13) How much is the plate making cost?

We provide cost quote for the complete production of a given style/design, which includes every service/work we foresee in the production of clothing. There are about 24 steps of work/procedures needed to produce a garment, such as a plate making, purchasing, grading, marking, inputting material cost, washing, ironing, layering, buttoning, cutting, sewing, finishing, quality control, packaging, etc.

Therefore, it is impossible to provide you with detailed information about each cost; Our production price will include all expenses except freight (ex-factory / FOB price). We pack “ready for a sale” garments neatly in transparent plastic bags with your custom label, size label and tag. You can simply send it to your customers or put it in your store for sale!

(14) What quality control measures have you taken?

Every product we manufacture has been strictly tested in every key stage of product development, namely:

  • Fabric purchasing
  • Grey cloth purchasing
  • After printing and dyeing
  • Line inspection before cutting
  • Inspection thread after sewing
  • Measurement and hygiene inspection after completion
  • Final inspection before and after packaging

In addition to the above, our quality control team will ensure the following items and place “OK” stickers on each item before leaving the factory:

  • The integrity of any fabric/garment.
  • There is no missing line.
  • There are no stitching errors.
  • 100% preshrinking.
  • No stains.
  • There was no typographical error.
  • There is a tolerance of 1 to 1.5cm according to the dimensions provided
  • High-quality packaging

(15) Can you tell me the freight estimate?

Transportation costs always depend on two things – weight and destination. Therefore, if you have these two pieces of information ready, we can estimate the freight for you.

However, please note that the fuel surcharges and applicable taxes are subject to frequent changes; Transportation costs change from time to time. In addition, the estimated weight of the consignment will affect the actual transportation costs.

Therefore, it is impossible to provide you with the exact shipping costs before the actual shipment. In fact, for the sake of simplicity, we quote ex-factory price or FOB price (excluding freight). When the goods are ready, we will negotiate with different carriers and arrange the most cost-effective and worry-free transportation for you.

(16) Can you manage our whole transportation?

We have a dedicated team to provide you with worry-free logistics solutions, including documents, customs clearance and door-to-door delivery. DHL, FedEx and ups are our main carriers. However, we may also use different express delivery services, which seems to be the most suitable delivery location.

(17) How can I start with you?

Please fill in the contact form as the first step. Upon receive your inquiry form, our team will evaluate the details you provided and contact you via email.

    We have standardized packaging available to you. However, if your brand has any OEM or ODM packaging instructions, we can always assist you.
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