Preparation process of garment production

The main task of clothing production preparation process is to provide material and technical guarantees for clothing production. It mainly includes material preparation, material inspection and testing, material pre-shrinking and finishing, and sample trial production.

Material preparation clothing materials are various and complex. The following principles should be followed when selecting materials:

① For spot production, the actual production capacity and scope, sales target, region, and product characteristics and requirements shall be taken into consideration for incoming materials.

② The incoming materials and processing should be selected strictly according to the customer’s requirements. If there is any change, the customer’s consent should be obtained.

③ Pay attention to the production rhythm and market trend at any time, and grasp the principle of timely and appropriate, fast sale and fast advance.

④ The materials shall be strictly inspected and stored in categories.

In the preparation of materials, in addition to the selection of varieties and specifications, but also consider the number of materials, and material loss. Material losses include:

Loss due to natural retraction; Shrinkage loss; Loss of fabric defects; Loss of broken material; Loss of defective products; Normal wear and tear of special fabrics; Other losses.

Inspection and testing of materials before feeding in garment production, it is necessary to conduct the quality inspection and physical and chemical performance test on the materials used. The purpose is to master the relevant data and information of material performance, so as to take corresponding technological means and technical measures in the production process and improve the product quality and utilization rate of materials. The content of the test includes quantity review, defect inspection, expansion rate test, seam shrinkage rate test, color fastness test, heat resistance test, etc.

The pre shrinkage and finishing of materials will result in different internal defects in the fabric during the production and processing of clothing materials

The sample trial production includes two parts

The first is to make sample trial production according to the customer’s sample according to the clothing style drawing. The former is called real sample production, and the latter is called confirmation sample production.

The second is to make real samples according to the opinions of customers and the feasibility study of production, in order to establish the best production plan and ensure the quality of products. Sample trial production includes real sample trial production, trial production, and technical data collection.

  1. Cutting process in garment production

The main task of cutting engineering is to cut the whole cloth into different shapes according to the garment pattern, which can be used for sewing engineering.

The cutting process is an important link in garment production, its quality will not only affect the size of the garment, make the product can not meet the design requirements, but also directly affect the product quality and cost. Garment quality problems caused by cutting quality problems appear in batches. At the same time, it also determines the consumption of materials, which is directly related to the cost of products.

  1. Sewing technology of garment production

Sewing is an important part of the industrial production of clothing. The cut pieces are processed by sewing engineering. The sewing process is the production process of selecting appropriate technology and equipment for batch garment processing.

  1. Finishing process in garment production

The finishing process of garment production is the final processing stage of garment production. The traditional clothing finishing process includes ironing, inspection, folding, packaging, and other processes, as well as washing, sanding, and other methods.

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