What is chiffon fabric?

  Chiffon is a kind of fabric, commonly known as cloth. It is a kind of light and twisted crepe fabric. In recent years, due to the rapid development of chemical fiber technology, the original “silk” has been replaced by “chemical fiber”. Its feel and style are very close to or similar to chiffon, so we often say Chiffon as silk chiffon or chemical fiber Chiffon.

Chiffon Fabric

Chiffon classification:

Chiffon is classified into silk chiffon and imitation silk chiffon.

  1. The general composition of imitation silk chiffon is 100% polyester (chemical fiber)

Texture features:

(1) It’s light, soft, natural, and feels good on the skin (of course, these are just outside)

No matter how to imitate the characteristics, it is still not as good as the real silk chiffon)

(2) Due to its purified fiber, imitation silk chiffon is not easy to decolorize and is not afraid of violence

It is easy to dry and take care of (machine washable) and has good firmness.

  1. Silk chiffon is made of 100% mulberry silk (natural fiber)

Texture features:

(1) It has the characteristics of imitation silk chiffon in appearance

(2) Long-term wear is good for people’s skin. It is cool, breathable, and hygroscopic. These are imitation

Silk chiffon can’t reach.

(3) Silk chiffon can’t catch up with imitation silk chiffon in some aspects, such as washing

It is easy to become gray and shallow after many times, can not be exposed to the sun (yellowing), troublesome maintenance (handwashing), and poor firmness (it is easy to stretch the yarn, and the suture is easy to tear)

Chiffon features:

(1)Light and transparent, soft and elastic.

(2) The appearance is light and elegant, with good air permeability and durability.

(3) It is elegant and comfortable to wear. It is elegant, charming, solemn, and elegant.

(4) Good wear resistance, not easy to pilling, stable size, and not easy to fold.

(5) Adopt environmental protection dyeing and anti-static processing.

Chiffon raw materials:

  chiffon fabric can be composed of silk, cotton, nylon, polyester, or rayon according to the fabric

The price of clothes made of chiffon will be different.

  1. Silk:women’s wholesale chiffon fabrics made of silk are the most precious because silk has rich light

Glossy and smooth texture. Silk chiffon is very light. Because silk chiffon is made of natural silkworm

Gauze made of silk fiber, which is often more expensive, also needs a dry and clean storage environment.

  silk can also be used to make Georgette, sometimes called crepe. The fabric is thick and impermeable

Bright curtain cloth, but also like chiffon, giving people a soft, light feeling.

  cotton can also be used as the source material for making chiffon, but the chiffon surface will have one foggy feeling.Synthetic materials (such as nylon and polyester) are the most commonly used materials for chiffon.

Because the chiffon fabric made of synthetic materials is easy to dye, the price is relatively cheap, and it is easy to make

The fabric is relatively strong and durable. However, chiffon fabrics made of synthetic materials are not delicate enough

So it should be washed by hand in cold water. However, this chiffon fabric is different from the chiffon fabric made of silkLike, it also has a smooth and soft feeling.

Chiffon Fabric

Chiffon maintenance:

  be careful not to touch water. If the part is stained with water, simply soak and wash, and finally stretch and iron to avoid Shrink. Drip dry naturally after washing. Do not wring it hard.

  heavy decorative Chiffon is best placed flat in the wardrobe, so it is not easy to deform.

The chiffon dress worn once cannot be put in the plastic pocket, preferably in the cloth.

The bag is breathable and will not be contaminated with dust.

Chiffon clothes with sleeves are hung with clothes hangers, preferably made of cloth, or Wrap the two ends of the hanger with small towels so that the sleeves will not deform. Spray perfume.

Meaning distance. So as not to leave macula.

The distinguishing method between good chiffon and ordinary Chiffon:

the method is to burn it with a lighter.

If there is white smoke and fragrance, and the dried ash is broken and scattered, it is real high-grade chiffon.

If it’s all burnt and not broken, it’s ordinary chiffon.

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