1. The task of garment cutting project management

The main task of tailoring project management is to cut the clothing fabric into different shapes according to different production contracts, so as to make ready-made clothes. Modern industrial cutting has new means, such as computer layout, laser cutting, computer automatic cutting, etc. At present, most of China’s garment manufacturers use electric cutting and manual layouts.

  1. Classification of garment cutting engineering management

(1) The cutting management of small variety mass production mainly produces one or two varieties. Due to the large quantity and fixed clothing style, the cutting work is stable, the operation is simple and the cutting efficiency is high.

(2) There are many kinds of cutting management in batch production of medium varieties, and the quantity of each variety is not much each time. However, it is difficult to control the production in batches, but the cutting efficiency is high.

(3) The cutting management of multi-variety and small batch production has many varieties, but each variety is constantly changing and the quantity is small, which makes the cutting work more difficult, the work is fragmented and the cutting efficiency is low.

The above is the cutting project management of clothing manufacturer. At present, with the improvement of the efficiency of factory automation products, the cutting project is also constantly optimized.

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