Crepe fabric is made of plain weave, crepe weave, or other weave, using twisting and other methods

Process conditions (such as warp and weft reinforced twisting or warp and weft reinforced twisting without twisting, the difference in machine tension on warp thread

Raw materials with different elasticity, etc.) make the appearance show obvious crepe effect, and elastic plain and filament fabricsThings. Crepe fabrics are classified into the following three categories:

  1. Crepe de Chine

Crepe de chine is the most common and typical crepe silk fabric. It belongs to pure silk raw woven silk

Plain weave, two or three 22.2 / 24.4 dtex raw silk threads for warp and three for weft

One or four 22.2 / 24.4 dtex raw silk strong twist wires, due to Flat warp crepe weft (warp is not twisted or only

Add some weak twists, and the weft is twisted more strongly) and when weaving, the weft is twisted twice with two left twists and two right twists

The weft insertion sequence, therefore, after practice dyeing, the surface of the fabric presents faint and visible small crepe lines.

  crepe de Chine has a soft texture, soft luster, elastic hand feel, elegant and cool clothes, and is smooth

Durable summer wear fabric.

Crepe Silk Fabric

2. Green crepe

  Bi crepe is also called single crepe. It is an all silk raw woven silk with plain weave, and it is also a crepe weft with Flat warp

Structure. The difference is that the twisting of Bi crepe weft is different from that of crepe de Chine. Crepe de Chine adopts two left and two right weft threads

The weft of Bi crepe is made of three raw silk twisted threads of 22.2 / 24.4 dtex plus a single yarn

The silk is woven back into a one-way strong twist helix (also known as blue crepe weft). Bi crepe is characterized by scouring and dyeing

The back silk surface presents a slightly more obvious crepe pattern than crepe de Chine, which is glossy, smooth, smooth, and elastic

Crepe de chine is slightly thicker. Hehe, crepe is also similar to bi crepe. The main difference between them is the weft of Hehe crepe

Thread is a combination of a matte viscose filament twisted and raw silk twisted.

  3. Liuxiang crepe

  Liuxiang crepe is a traditional Chinese fabric, belonging to the category of interwoven silk. Warp consists of main warp and auxiliary warp,

The main warp is a strand composed of two raw silk, and the second warp is a light sticky filament, which plays a jacquard role in the fabric

Use; Weft is a compound twisted yarn composed of three raw silk, which is used to form a crepe.

  Liuxiang crepe is characterized by plain crepe bottom, warp Satin Jacquard, and viscose filament jacquard

The pattern is particularly bright, soft, and colorful. Because there are two kinds of raw materials in the fabric, dyeing

Two colors can be displayed after. This fabric is suitable for Chinese cotton-padded jackets and is a garment with distinctive national characteristics.