China infuses confidence and momentum into the global fight against the epidemic.

At the 73rd World Health Assembly, China solemnly promised that after the research and development of a new crown vaccine in China are completed and put into use, it will be used as a global public product to make China’s contribution to the realization of vaccine accessibility and affordability in developing countries. In the past year, with limited production capacity and huge demand, China has provided more than 350 million doses of vaccines to the international community, including vaccine assistance to more than 80 countries, vaccine exports to more than 40 countries, and cooperative production with many developing countries. China continues to promote the accessibility and affordability of vaccines in developing countries, injecting confidence and momentum into the global fight against the epidemic.

“China’s new crown vaccine is safe and effective”

The World Health Organization (who) announced on June 1 that the new coronal inactivated vaccine “left”, developed by Beijing Kexing Zhongwei Biological Technology Co., Ltd., has officially passed the WHO certification for emergency use. Who director-general Tan Desai announced at a press conference on the same day that the Kexing Xinguan vaccine has been proved to be “safe, effective and quality guaranteed”, and the easy storage characteristics of the vaccine make it very suitable for the resource-poor environment. Kexing vaccine has become the second Chinese new crown vaccine to be included in the who’s emergency use list after the new crown vaccine.

The state government of Sao Paulo recently held a press conference at the Butantan Research Institute in Sao Paulo, Brazil, announcing the results of the trial of comprehensive vaccination with the new crown vaccine of China’s Kexing company. The results showed that novel coronavirus pneumonia cases decreased by 80%, hospitalization decreased by 86% and new deaths decreased by 95% after the completion of the trial. “It’s safe and effective,” said Dimas kovas, director of the Buchanan Institute. Those who have been vaccinated and not vaccinated can benefit from it, and the spread of COVID-19 will also be greatly weakened. “

Harry Locke, the spokesman for the presidential palace of the Philippines, said that the who’s the inclusion of KeXing XinGuan vaccine in the organization’s emergency use list will help to boost the confidence of the Philippine people in the vaccine. In February this year, the food and Drug Administration of the Philippines officially approved the emergency use license of Kexing Xinguan vaccine. According to a report released in May by the Philippine public opinion survey agency “social weather station”, among a number of new vaccines, Kexing vaccine is most trusted by Filipinos.

China has actively carried out international cooperation in the development, production and use of new crown vaccines. In terms of R & D, some vaccine R & D units have cooperated with relevant institutions in more than 20 countries, such as UAE, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Philippines and Pakistan, to carry out phase III clinical trials. In terms of production, the stock solution produced by some enterprises has been transported to Brazil, Indonesia, Egypt, UAE, Pakistan, Malaysia and other countries, and overseas sub packaging work has been started.

In March this year, the finished vaccine produced by Kexing company was approved by the Malaysian regulatory authorities to be conditionally registered in Malaysia and started vaccination. In April, Malaysia’s regulatory authorities approved the conditional registration of the filled vaccine in Malaysia for emergency use. Malaysia’s minister of science, technology and innovation, Hayri jamaledin, said that China’s Kexing new crown vaccine has been certified by those who for emergency use, proving that “this China’s new crown vaccine is safe and effective”.

“The most important weapon to build immune defense”

The International Medical Journal Journal Journal of the American Medical Association recently published the phase III clinical trial data of two new crown inactivated vaccines of Sinopharm China. The results showed that high titer antibodies could be produced 14 days after the two injections, forming effective protection, and the neutralizing antibody-positive conversion rate of the whole population was more than 99%. This is the world’s first officially published phase III clinical trial results of a new crown inactivated vaccine.

China’s new crown vaccine is getting more and more recognition and welcome. The Ministry of the health of Argentina announced on June 11 that it authorized the emergency use license of the new crown vaccine of China kangxinuo biological Co., Ltd. in Argentina. This is the second Chinese new crown vaccine approved by Argentina for emergency use after the Chinese national medicine new crown vaccine. Argentina’s health minister biscotti said on personal social media that this is good news for Argentina, and the country has made another big step forward in promoting the large-scale new crown vaccination program.

Ecuadorian president lasso announced through social media on June 11 that the Ecuadorian government has signed a new crown vaccine procurement agreement with China kangxinuo company. Lasso said in the statement that he has full confidence in China’s vaccine. The effect of the Chinese vaccine is very good, which can help Ecuador cope with the epidemic. Ecuador’s Ministry of Health said the first batch of Soncino vaccine is expected to arrive in July, which will help promote the country’s mass vaccination program.

2.3 million Cambodian people have been vaccinated with Chinese vaccine, State Secretary and spokesman of Cambodia’s Ministry of Health said recently. China’s vaccine has become Cambodia’s “most important weapon for establishing immunization defence line”.

Nepal started a new phase of new crown vaccination on June 8. It plans to vaccinate about 500000 people in the country with a new crown vaccine assisted by China, mainly for the elderly, as well as medical staff and medical students who have not been vaccinated with the new crown vaccine in the country. Tara Nath pokarel, an official from the Family Welfare Department of Nepal’s Ministry of health and population, said that China’s new crown vaccine has been proved to be safe and effective, and Nepal allocated the vaccine assisted by China according to the needs of each county.

Thailand’s food and Drug Administration recently announced the approval of the registration of the Sinopharm Xinguan vaccine. Previously, Kexing Xinguan vaccine has been approved in Thailand.

“It’s important to make drugs and vaccines accessible to more people”

China’s first China novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine was officially released from the first batch of vaccines from China National Pharmaceutical Group to the COVAX (new crown vaccine program) on June 1st. Fair global access to vaccines is an important way to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on public health and the economy. ” Said Seth Berkeley, chief executive of GAVI.

At the handover ceremony of the Chinese government’s assistance to Afghanistan’s new coronal vaccine on June 12, Afghan President Ghani said that China’s assistance to Afghanistan’s new coronal vaccine is a full manifestation of the friendship between Afghanistan and China, and also a strong proof of the Chinese people’s support for the Afghan people. The Arab side will distribute the Chinese vaccine to the people who need it most fairly and transparently so that they can feel the deep friendship of the Chinese government and people.

According to the recent statistics of the financial times, the 10 most populous countries in Latin America have received 143.5 million doses of the new vaccine, more than half of which are from China.

Dominica President Abi Nader recently received the second dose of China’s Kexing new crown vaccine in Santo Domingo, the capital of the country. The day before, the Sixth Batch of China’s new crown vaccine arrived in Dominica, and China’s vaccine accounted for 95% of the vaccines currently available in Dominica.