Basic knowledge of silk

  1. About washing: the water temperature should not be too high during washing. Generally, cold water can be used. Soak in neutral detergent or special detergent for silk for 15-20 minutes (do not soak for a long time), then gently rub and rinse with clean water. Do not wash clothes with a washing machine.
  2. About drying: after washing silk underwear, gently squeeze out the water, hang it on a clothes hanger and let it drip to dry; It should be placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry naturally, and it is better to face outward in the opposite direction; Avoid exposure to sunlight and baking with fire to avoid fading.
  3. About ironing: when the silk underwear is not completely dry, you can accept it and iron it with an iron. It is best to use a positive air iron, not high temperature, but medium temperature iron, about 130 ℃; It is not suitable for direct ironing. It must be covered with a layer of wet cloth before ironing, to prevent the silk from being brittle or even charred by high temperature.

Common sense of silk maintenance

  1. Silk women’s clothing and children’s Dresses should not be collected together with camphor pills to avoid discoloration and yellowing of light-colored clothes.
  2. Silk clothes should not be placed together with tussah silk clothes, because most of the raw materials of tussah silk clothes are fumigated with sulfur, which will change the color of silk clothes.
  3. The collection of silk clothing should be separated from wool and fur clothing or wrapped in plastic bags.
  4. When collecting white silk, you can wrap it with blue tissue paper, which can protect the white silk from discoloration.

Treatment of sick children’s clothing:

Drying: silk clothing is easy to dry in the shade because it is easy to fade under strong sunlight or fluorescent lamp.

Ironing: it must be ironed gently with a medium temperature (130 ℃ – 140 ℃) across a thin cloth. If water vapor falls on the clothes, they must be ironed dry immediately.

Maintenance: silk clothing has high moisture absorption and contains moisture after wearing. After going out and returning, it needs to be hung on a hanger to avoid hanging under a strong fluorescent lamp or window to avoid discoloration. The insect repellent can be wrapped with cloth and placed in the cabinet. It must be kept dry.