Clothing Production Capacity

Our most advanced manufacturing facilities can produce various types of woven and knitted fabrics of clothing.

Most of the children’s clothing we produce are Baby T-shirts, baby pants, baby shirts, baby jumpsuits, baby dresses, baby dress suits, baby pyjamas, baby knitwear, baby shorts, baby long sleeve T-shirt, children’s T-shirt, children’s pants, children’s jeans, girl’s jeans, girl’s dress, children’s polo shirt, children’s shirt, girl’s skirt, girl’s blouse, girl’s embroidered blouse Children’s shorts, school uniform, children’s long sleeve T-shirt, children’s Tweed Wool Coat, boys’ T-shirt, boys’ printed T-shirt, boys’ solid colour T-shirt, boys’ embroidered T-shirt, boys’ round neck T-shirt, boys’ V-neck T-shirt, boys’ graphic T-shirt, boys’ vest, boys Polo T-shirt, boys’ Rugby Polo T-shirt, boys’ double sleeve T-shirt, boys Henry T-shirt, boys’ sweater, boys’ jacket Boys zipper, boys Hoodie, boys’ sweatshirt, boys’ shorts, boys’ flat shorts, boys’ pants, boys’ pyjamas, boys’ sports suits, boys’ school uniforms, etc.

We are proud of China’s children wear manufacturers, which has the ability to produce children’s clothing from newborn to young children to adolescents, 100% match with your customized design details.

Our services:

  • Accept small batch orders, at least 25 pieces of each colour and style (mixed sizes). In the case of customized printing styles, the minimum threshold values can be changed. Please contact us for a feasibility check and minimum calculation.
  • Provide one-stop facilities such as pattern making, grading, fabric and trim procurement, development of custom labels and tags, cutting, sewing, sampling, production, quality control, finishing and packaging, logistics/transportation, etc.
  • Advanced level of professional skills in computer and manual embroidery, pleating, decal and patchwork, printing, sublimation, Sequin and beadwork, advanced decoration work, fabric washing, lace and trim, fringes, ruffles, gradient and tie-dyeing, asymmetric work, etc.
  • A variety of custom prints can be made on woven and knitted fabrics.
  • Quick turnaround time: 2-3 weeks for sampling and 8-12 weeks for production.

    We have standardized packaging available to you. However, if your brand has any OEM or ODM packaging instructions, we can always assist you.
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