We are Christmas Dresses Manufacturer & Supplier in China.

We produce a series of Christmas costumes and supplies. In Zhejiang, China, we have exported 80% of the world’s Christmas supplies. Including Christmas Dresses , Christmas hat, Christmas ball, Santa statue, lighting, ribbon, pillow cover, etc. This year, influenced by COVID-19, we have also produced many Christmas gifts related to the epidemic. For example, wearing Christmas masks and Santa Claus socks, Christmas bags are filled with anti-epidemic products such as hand washing liquid and sanitary napkins. 

These products are popular with customers all over the world.

The above is part of the sample display of Christmas Dresses. We mainly provide OEM and ODM of children’s clothes, including Cullotes Manufacturer, Dresses manufacturer, Knitwear manufacturer, T-shirt manufacturer, Sweater Manufacturer, Trousers manufacturer, Boy Romper, etc.

    We have standardized packaging available to you. However, if your brand has any OEM or ODM packaging instructions, we can always assist you.
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