Pure cotton yarn mainly has fine carding and ordinary carding. The fine carding cotton yarn is smoother and smoother, the surface of the fabric is smooth, there is no nep, and the dyeing effect is better. The ordinary carding yarn is the yarn spun after refining long staple cotton and the cotton blended yarn.

1.Fine carding cotton:

Fine carding cotton refers to adding fine carding procedures in the process of spinning, combing short fibers and removing impurities in cotton. The content of long staple cotton in fine carding yarn is between 30-40%, and the content of high-grade long staple cotton is above 70%.

The advantages of fine carding cotton are less impurities in fine carding yarn, less short fiber, more thorough separation of single fiber, better fiber straightness and balance, and more stable cotton quality.

T-shirt fabrics made of fine carding cotton yarn have high quality in texture, washability and durability. It is mainly used for high-grade fabrics and knitwear raw materials, such as Boy Romper Manufacturer and high-quality business T-shirt Manufacturer.

2.Ordinary carding:

It refers to the yarn that is carding according to the general spinning system without fine carding process. There are many short fibers in the roving, poor fiber parallel straightness, loose structure, more hairiness, more knots and poor quality. This kind of yarn is mostly used as raw materials for general fabrics and knitwear, such as T-shirt for promotion activities, advertising T-shirt for group activities, advertising T-shirt for promotion activities, etc.