1. The function of keeping the balance of the production line

(1) To ensure a stable flow of work, on the one hand, the workers’ work intensity is appropriate, on the other hand, the workers can play a stable technical force.

(2) Make full use of production time, flow production is to make the products in order, keep the operation process consistent and unified, improve production efficiency.

(3) On the one hand, the smooth production line reduces the backlog of WIP; on the other hand, the production speed increases steadily, which is conducive to reducing the production cost and shortening the production cycle.

(4) Improving the working environment

(5) Scientific control of production progress

  1. The balance method of production line based on macro control

(1) Planned total daily output the total planned output and delivery time of the product in the production task is known, and the planned daily quantity should be produced.

(2) The number of planned production personnel, the total planned daily output and the average time of actual production of the whole product, and the planned production personnel.

(3) The actual total daily output is calculated by the production department to calculate the total daily output closest to the actual production under the condition that the number of production personnel is fixed and the average production time of the whole product is known.

  1. Production line balancing method based on micro-control

(1) Calculate the standard time of a single process, record the actual operation time directly, or calculate the average value of the number of products produced in the effective operation time.

(2) It is more time-consuming to calculate the staffing of a single process than the daily production of the process, so the staffing should be increased.

The effective balance of the clothing manufacturer line can ensure the maximization of production efficiency and maintain stable development.

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